"I AM, the Bread of Life." -Yeshua /Jesus                   -St. John 6:35 
Jesus is Yeshua in Hebrew.  At age  33, the man was publicly executed, far worse that George Floyd, but rose to life in three days, by the Holy Spirit. He walked around  Israel for 40 days and returned to heaven. History has  recorded this as a fact, in the same Israel  of the world today.  All that happened to Yeshua, was foretold by prophets prior to His birth.  Of himself He stated: that of any other bread that could be produced; HE is the bread of life; implying that a relationship with Yeshua, is the most needed substance on the plant, and therefore, should be the most desired.   It is in respect and honor of His audacious stand; His past, present and future, platform, that YESHUA and Sweets, is duly  named.  A relationship with Yeshua is not for sale, it's free. (Romans 10: 9-10. )   This bakery WILL  invite and/or encourage you to begin or sustain a realistic and authentic relationship with HIM, even though HE is invisible to human eyes, like the wind He created!

In Yeshua's you can read bibles, speak openly about HIM, to HIM;  You can even take communion with Him and family or friends, Yeshua's has provided and has pre-paid for you.   Shirley will join you if she is invited, and is not baking!  He is here, as well as a few Angel's assigned to work with Shirley.  We don't have a photo of Yeshua; NO ONE DOES!; the crown to the right, is for Him; He's a King now.  Go on, scroll down and glance at some of the SWEETS to be available at YESHUA'S!  
​We have grown to a NEW LOCATION, check back for more details, coming!

 YESHUA and SWEETS,...A Concept Boutique Bakery     -Romans 12:2  
                      LIBERTY in Baking, ...By Design!​ 

        YESHUA and SWEETS is an affiliate of The Swarm Group & Associates and supports its [Charity] Efforts   
            Special Orders/ Nutritionally WOKE / yeshuaandsweets@gmail.com / Txt 909 470-2970

 Almond, Coconut, Flax, Soy, Oat flours; Monkfruit, Agave, Stevia, Zulka, Molassees, Honey. Gluten-Free, Plant based, Vegan, Organic orders available!
​ Human's can reconnect!   Great Music!  2 or 3 can gather @ YESHUA'S!
Freshly baked, daily; at Yeshua's;  NO Preservatives,  Real Ingredients!
...Butter, Honey and THOU!
NO explanation needed! 
When was the last time, YOU enjoyed a sweet time, without a computer?

Got a CARB calculator? Good, leave it at home!
 SCONES         DANISH             COBBLERS        MUFFINS           SWEET  BREA D    COFFEE CAKES      CUPCAKES              COOKIES        *

LEMON            CHEESE               PEACH                 BLUEBERRY        BANANA NUT            CINNAMON               VANILLA                    CHOCOLATE CHIP 
POPPY            STRAWBERRY      BLUEBERRY        CRUMB                SPICE                       BLUEBERRY             CHOCOLATE              OATMEAL
ORANGE         APPLE                  APPLE-PEAR       APPLE                 CARROT                    BANANA                   PUMPKIN                   PEANUT BUTTER
SPICE             LEMON                 RHUBARB             BRAN                   LEMON                     CLASSIC                   CARROT                    LEMON GLAZED
PUMPKIN                                                                 SPICE                  POPPY SEED                                             RED VELVET             MOLASSES          
BISCUITS                                                                 ZUCCHINI            ZUCCHINI                                                                                     MACADAMIA NUT
                                                                                CRUMB                GINGER  BREAD                                                                          SPRINKLES
                                BROWNIES and CINNAMON ROLLS:  MANY  VARIETIES AVAILABLE TO ORDER.                SUGAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SNICKERDOODL
Come to YESHUA'S!   IT'S  A FAMILY AFFAIR, everyone can share!
    YESHUA  And  Sweets; come,...taste and see!
Happy 10th Mason & Sabrina,  you make it look,... EASY!  
Why Not; have it any day of  the week!
​"Totally AWESOME!"
NEED a minute?
     * Pastries Varieties baked FRESH, every day/  Preservative FREE!
A prophecy was given on March 14 2022, that a woman was preparing to bake cookies for a celebration and that there was a lot of 
 "PINK EVERYWHERE!"  Shirley was sent an email, with the prophecy on March 15, 2022.  
God's will today is being done on earth as it already is in heaven.   We invite you to view the video; GOOGLE Johnny Enlow/click on
 Shirley and Johnny have never met.  
​    YESHUA Concept Bakery    John 6:35
 God is making a way for Yeshua Bakery to
 own it's facility.   Check back for the miracle
 of the new location and GRANDER opening!
              The BREAD Of Life!
​                                                    -John 6:35

​        YESHUA  And Sweets                                BAKERY
 or if you have questions email  yeshuaandsweets@gmail.com
​Certificates for a FREE Pastries will be available.   yeshuaandsweets@gmail.com