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Swarm is a moving association, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; in multiple locations.  Please email or call us to set up a time to meet before the rapture; WHENEVER it occurs!  What is the RAPTURE?  It is a time when Yeshua will take His people from the earth, and not just in a "church building with a cross on the top; check out video to the left. 

            WHENEVER HE COMES!

Shirley-4-Swarm Ministries:
To reserve Shirley for purposes of speaking or for ministry at an event or public forum, please call (562) 726-3083 or you may email her directly @ to secure placement on your calendar  event itinerary.  

She is also available for prayer, to answer your questions in regards to any opinions, written, expressed or implied, as necessary.    We only ask that we not waste time on issues that  you may need, but have no intention to change; for which the intention is only to banter; passively or aggressively.
Working out is just plain hard.  I don't do it because I love it; I do it because my body will shrivel up from the inside out if I don't.  My lungs will shrink, my bones will stiffen up, my heart will grow weaker and I will cease to exist, faster.  Working this body out prolongs my life; it's that simple! 

Consulting Available 4 U.
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SWARM Fit; Working out with intention' Do IT!
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