Thank you for stopping by.  The Swarm Group & Associates is a Christian Business Corporation and Church fellowship which takes it's model after the Church that Jesus founded.  It was and is not a building with a cross on the top, the side, a window or a wall.  The Church that Jesus founded was and remains an organism of people, living based on the established truth of who Jesus is and what he said.   As Messiah, King and Lord of all, Yeshua/Jesus started the Church; [Ekklesia- a Greek word], which means- a group called out by God.] Swarm is part of the global, group of people, who exist both inside and outside of organized religion. We are a part of the body of Christ.  The church can and often does meet in building's with crosses on top; however the church can also meet any where there is air and sky.  We also meet in houses throughout neighborhoods just like your own; just as the original Church did and does.  Definition of Impact: To forcefully come in contact with another to cause change!  Swarm purposes to "BE THE CHANGE" we want to see from the Romans 12:1 model. 

   Some Of What SWARM Believes: 

​-The God of Israel is creator of life.
-Father, SonHoly Spirit is Godhead.
-Yeshua, Jesus is Messiah; King of the Jews and will rule the world from Israel.

-God owns the Church and the State.
-All mankind is living the unintended chaotic consequences of disobedience.

-Fellowship with Jesus is by Holy Spirit.
-Angels are present among human life.
-Salvation is free, following Jesus WILL cost you!  - DECIDE!
-The tithe is also for the poor; not just your Priest, Pastor or Rabbi.
-You can hear the voice of God.
-Prayer is a must in the life of followers.
-There are no accidents in life; NONE! 
-All things are possible to believers!
-The bible is to be read and studied.
-Every knee will bow to Father and Son; EVERY KNEE!

​                      SWARM High-Lights:
Swarm is an Public Charity Church Corporation in motion; which means, we do not function solely by "order of service", as Churches regularly do.  Swarm will and does meet just about anywhere there is air and sky, God decides to meet with His people.  The Holy Spirit will not be bound by any structural intention to box Him in.

Swarm meetings can and have been timeless; meaning we will not set a limit on how long God may want to visit HIS family.  As CEO, we let HIM execute the order, then carry it out.

Swarm associates pray, read biblical text and commune with Jesus daily; in a group or not.  We encourage you to own your experience with God, rather than wait for a certain day or time.

Swarm expects interaction with the living God daily.  This is our hope and passion.    

Swarm has removed most of the props that 
mask religious filibusters in meetings; Choirs, ways of giving, announcements.  It is not that these are wrong, they just get in the way of the real business of Church, which is Holy Spirit having HIS way any time with His people! 

"I want to know God's thoughts, the rest are details."- Albert Einstein
"you will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart."
                                            -Jeremiah 29:13
..." the earth is the Lords.....,GET OUT THERE!
-Freud, Darwin and Hitler, have NOW
changed their minds.
....the earth is the Lord's,...get out here!
The Swarm Group & Associates Inc. is a "new wine" positioned resource for a bolder, no frills practice of the faith founded on the person of Jesus Christ.
                 We invite you to enhance your experience with YESUAH, through the Holy Spirit;....don't just breathe, LIVE!              -St  John  10:10 

                    STUCK, In A  Rut?
​                      [Check This List:]
Pray hourly, daily, weekly, monthly; at all?
Passionate about; what get's you excited?
More diligent about your "whatever" or GOD?Sense God's presence any time or just on Sunday in a building with a cross on top?
Read the bible, daily, weekly, monthly?Experiencing God, or just waiting to die?
Anything holding you hostage; bound up?
Are your close friends followers of Christ?
Do you regularly give to those in need? 
Think preachers are hypocrites; are you?
Are you seeking first the Kingdom of God?
Scared of everything, hard to trust anyone?
Have any idea what God's doing on earth?
Believe every bad news item you hear?
Have you EVER had an encounter with God;if not, are you content with this? 
This is a list you can check, to begin to know  why your faith and experience with God may or has been sidelined.  Don't pretend that nothing is wrong, hoping no one else will notice. Jesus, God and their friends notice.  Awh come now, don't just breathe, LIVE!
  Join the "Book of YOUR Life Club"..., Read the Bible
                Praying For
Joseph Biden; his 
                 Vice President
Kamala Harris

Former President; Donald J. Trump
Israel; Disciples of Jesus/ The Church, Prodigals, New Believers/The Chosen of New Wine Skin- forward motion!/Old Wine Skins/ Re-assignment. That the will of God, be done on earth as in heaven.; where ALL decisions originate..