A Daily Swarm Moment
Many fail to consider whether or not they are "spiritually" fit.  We give consideration to the human body, the mind, finances, in terms of fitness.  But not often do humans consider, ask themselves; Am I in my best spiritual shape?  If more people knew the extent to which invisible reality, (the spiritual) life affects the physical life, the life that we interact with on a daily basis, I believe more attention would be given to the condition of ones spiritual self.  For some, this opens up a "Pandora's" box of sorts, one that they try to ignore and/or avoid.  We have been, trained and have become so used to, even content, with relating only to what we can see and feel.   Many do not even question themselves, regarding the possibility of their, even more real, SPIRIT SELF!  Proverbs 20:27 .,...don't just breathe, LIVE!  
Welcome to it!  I am blogging as an extended transmission  of my thoughts. Yes, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste."  I may  post Prophetic Words or dreams given to me, from our Creator and share prophetic content from other persons gifted to see, hear what God, may be saying.  This is not a general spiritual BLOG.  The concept here is based on my accepted belief as a fact; that God (Yah) is the overruling force of all creation, even among those who cannot, or have chosen to dis-believe in His existence. 10-6-21  2:45 pm,..don't just breathe, LIVE!  

When God, (Yah in Hebrew) "BLESSED" the Sabbath, He never removed that blessing; it remains today, a blessed day.  Because of Yeshua  (Jesus in America), those who receive salvation through faith in Him are not REQUIRED to keep Sabbath, as a law, as in the Old Testament, but the blessing of Sabbath, REMAINED.    You are still blessed, if you keep Sabbath!                                                                                                           -10-16-21   11:27am
So, scripture says, in Matthew 4:8, the devil took Yeshua, (Jesus) during His time of testing, in the wilderness up a high mountain and showed Yeshua ALL the kingdoms of the world: HEALTH, WEALTH, TERRITORIES, PEOPLE, EDUCATION, FOOD INDUSTRIES, GOVERNMENTS,  HUMANKIND, NATRUAL RESOURCES; what ever represents power then and NOW he showed the Son of God, in a moment of time. They time traveled in the spirit into the future of the world.  And Yeshua was offered control of the world, all systems, past and present and future.  Everything that is considered NOW wrong in the world and/or right in the world, is what the devil showed Yeshua in that moment and offered it to Him, for the seemingly simple price of bowing down to him, satan.  Yeshua declined the offer and chose the hard path; to die, fulfilling His destiny instead   He is now ruler, controller of EVERYTHING!  You can freely choose to join "the Yeshua" company and participate in making it right, until He returns to run His world-wide corporation Himself; Or NOT!    -10/28/21   2:19am; 
In my opinion, the opportunity to reconcile "truth" comes in two general forms: 1. Accept what presents itself as truth, regardless of the pain it causes, or 2. Ignore the truth regardless of the evidence that presents itself as irrefutable.  If you do the latter, absolute truth will come back again, but in a much more painful way than the first opportunity presented and many times, without regard to any person, place or thing standing in the way.  And then, you will be FORCED to accept that same truth through all the painful cost of ignoring it at the first  opportunity, as well as the price of accepting that same truth you sacrificed to overlook at the first.  11-16-21

A Daily Swarm Moment

What the HELL

by Shirley Broussard on 06/19/24

When ever I hear that statement; "what the hell," it is usually connected to the realization of some demonstrative occurrence, so shocking that the words what the

hell are applied, even by those considered, by themselves and others as emotionally and intellectually advanced.  What the Hell or what  just happened that is so out of this world, so unusual, so provocative, so painful even just happened here?   The term ; "what the hell," has origins that date back to 1924 as an intended statement. But he signaled the word Hell as an existing place, dates as far back as the biblical writings  and was referenced by Yeshua, Jesus.

Jesus referred to hell many times; see [Matt 5:22, Matt 8:  , Matt 10:28, Matt 16: 
Matt 25:41-46.  In the statements Jesus made about hell, he did not do so in any form of pretense, nor allegorically.  Rather Yeshua was making statements about a
place beyond topical earth that was in its very existence, one of extreme torture, a
place of intentional suffering.

Paul, a man responsible for approximately two thirds of the New Testament, who had personal encounter with Jesus, in his letter believers living in Rome stated that one of the ways to identify God's existence, God's signature on earth is easily done by observing the markings of nature.  Paul stated in Romans 1:20; God's power and divine nature can be identified and understood, by what is made.  In other words, use things in nature to figure out God's invisible imprint.   To the many who have issues with the impossibility of hell, as real, we have only to refer to nature.  

Globally, today and for centuries, there have existed over 1350 volcanoes.  Enclosed in these mountains are liquid hot flowing rivers called lava; the temperature of which reaches and exceeds 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  And for centuries no human, born of a man and woman has taken responsibility for these hot holes; nor has any human undertaken the responsibility of managing or extinguishing this human threats that have over the years, exploded at will, sending miles of liquid burn down into cities, country sides and rural areas.   No, humans just stay far away and rapidly move out of the way, when any volcano decides to have a day outside of the mountain.  And
what about the interior space; are there any useful features inside the volcano?  No,
nothing inside but orange-red-white hotness.  And we have no one to inquire as to there presence, at least no one on earth.  So, if Yeshua and Paul historical texts are revisited, we may find that what they were stmating; a place called HELL is being exampled among us, simmering pots of fire, that bubble and stir and at their will explode sending their content into the air, land and sea, without any thought to the 
potential harm to its neighboring plants, animals or humans.  

So the next time you hear the statement "what the hell?', you should refer to the many existing volcanoes in Italy, New Mexico, Krakatoa, Hawaii, Antarctica, and many others.   That is the HEll.   These are examples of real places Jesus spoke of 
where many will go, because of the life they chose to live on earth.  Revelation 21:8.

Is HELL a real place ?

by Shirley Broussard on 06/01/24

This should be a simple question to answer.  But given that the most important text ever written, called the 'BIBLE", was removed from daily required reading in our educational system, it is to expected to be difficult to wrap our brains around the possibility that a place called HELL, a place of torment exists and that many will go there after their life on earth, dependent on how they have lived life, on earth.

To me, one of the most important text of the bible is the Roman letter.  The Roman letter was written to a group of Roman citizens who were coming to faith in God and Yeshua.  In the letter, chapter 1, line       Paul states that "the invisible things of God, are clearly seen and understood, by what is made. "  In other words, if you want to get a glimpse into the nature of God, the intent of God, the purpose of God; you need only to look at what God has created, look at what is around you in nature; what is NATURAL  

Volcanoes are an element of nature.  Not a single human has come forward to take credit for the existence of a single Volcano.  So if no human take credit, we can therefore call Volcanos "acts of God'; God made Volcanoes.  Well what are Volcanoes?  Volcanoes are places, spaces on earth that are holders, containers of liquid, HOT melted earth.  It is called hot lava, moten flowing fire.  Yes, Volcanoes are among us and we don't know the purpose of them.  Why are there Volcanoes among us?  What purpose do they serve?  Think about it, Volcanoes are not a TOURIST HOT SPOT!  No one is flying to site see,  no local's are visiting for an afternoon.  Volcanoes are pits of hot pain that no human has made, no can any human temper or control.  We all seek to just stay out of the path of them.

So Paul says, the invisible things of God are CLEARLY seen and understood by what is made.  I offer to you that volcanoes are a living replication of the REAL HELL, that many persons now living, are told to disbelieve.  I offer to you that  hell, hades, Sheol, names also referred to a hell is in fact real.  Volcanoes are on earth to provide humans with a sort of example of what the real HELL is really like, beyond the earth's surface; beyond the tectonic plates that move seemingly random and at  will.   God is saying, take a look  humans, here is your example of the place called HELL of the letters in the book called the bible.  Volcanoes are in fact hell holes that are living among us..... to be continued.    

CLEAN Out Time

by Shirley Broussard on 02/01/24

It is that time again. 

Time to clean out the system of cells, organs and tissue.
Make sense right?  The body needs over haul and cleansing
as any other system.  You are welcome to join us.  For info
email swarm at Fit4swarm@gmail.com.  

Readiness For Research, To Discover And Conclude; God Does Not Exist/ pt 2

by Shirley Broussard on 07/24/23

Just in case some may wonder why being in  physical and emotional condition is necessary, to reach the conclusion that there is no God.  Well the answer is simple.

A seeker is going to have to engage many and different territories and conversations; conversations with other humans and even with oneself. [yes yourself]  
To arrive at an honest assessment and conclusion that God does not exist, is going
to require much travel.  The body will be taxed beyond normal energy output.  This seeker is going to need to be accustomed to eating and sleep at irregular patterns and be ok with this emotionally for a time or many times.  Any one seriously committed to research and discover that God does not exist, will need to make this [chase], the most important experience of their life and do it until the goal is reached.  Discovering that God does not exist, is not for the faint of heart, not for the physically undisciplined; not for the emotionally infantile.  Get ready, for the time of your life!

What Would You Rather?

by Shirley Broussard on 07/18/23

Would you rather change WHAT and WHEN you eat or take a prescribed drug, for the rest of your life, while still eating the very food that caused your illness?