BIOLOGICAL FACTS

  * After the age of 35 the human lungs begin to shrink.  Regular 
    exercise can help to maintain and increase lung capacity.

  *  With each year past the age of 20, the human heart begins to loose 
    capacity to pump blood to the rest of your body.   Regular exercise
    improves the hearts ability to pump blood throughout the body.

  * Arthritis  is directly related to lack of exercise, exercise limits it.

  * Atrophy of muscles strength is directly associated to lack of exercise.

  * About half of the physical decline associated with ageing may be
    due to a lack of physical activity; a range of health problems results
    from the lack of exercise.

  *  Regular physical activity  can reduce the risk of mental decline. 

  *  Your muscle has MEMORY!, give your muscles fitness data!
​God's divine power, has given to us ALL things that pertains to life and Godliness...                                                                                                                              2 Peter 1:3
Swarm FIT

Concept of

   Romans 12:1
Supporting Physical FITness, as a part of Spiritual Wholeness And Recreative Motion,...everyday!
I ask you fervently to present your body,... holy and ACCEPTABLE unto God.  This is your reasonable service.                                             Romans 12:1 
I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in HEALTH ...       3 John 1:2
YESHUA and His friends were healthy people; they walked most places, consumed nutritionally sound and fresh foods of their day.  In your generation, God wants you to be in the best physical conditions possible during your tenure on earth.  Working toward, being and sustaining your best physical image, can in fact be part of daily worship to your Creator, rather than a vain pursuit to be noticed, and praised by other humans.  Show-up for your self now!
 A PHYSICALLY FIT, YOU, is the will of your Creator.
To go where you have never been, may require you to get in shape!
Expensive equipment, not necessary.
You, are your own workout buddy; well HELLO, get going toward your goals.
Allowing  your body to exist overfed, undisciplined is SIN-FULL,dishonest living!
​Has your daily caloric output earned all that food, and type EVERYDAY?  

"... seek me early and diligently,... find Me.  Proverbs 8:17
If you have legs and feet, you can WALK BY FAITH!
 CHANGE, the Boardroom dynamic!
...brought the mistress her own yacht from the sell of that gym membership you DON'T use, but
some how feel really good in your mind having.
...and if you have a heart attack, while stressing over that next  BIG DEAL, they  will not care about it!  Do they know YOU?
...I keep under my body and bring it under subjection.    -1 Corinthians 9:27
Muscle has more density than FAT!
               also,..  PLEASE  CONSIDER

*Autophagy-  the process by which your body, even in the absence of food, will identify and eliminate old, dead, stagnant cells, to allow your DNA to produce new cells.  IT IS FREE!  Autophagy allows your body to produce new mitochondria even in the absence of food, and with nutrient dense food and during high intensity interval training exercise/HIIT.  

*Mitochondria- the energy mechanism in the body that is responsible for all cell health and energy.

* The human body DOES NOT require 3 meals a day, especially the body of older adults living a normal non exceptionally active lifestyle.  The human body can actually become toxic and drown by constant daily over-eating.  This is called 
DISEASE; suicide by constant eating.
​* Fasting-  To obstain from all food substance.
Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God; you are not your own?  You have been bought with a price; SO glorify God in your BODY and in your spirit, both belong to  God.                                           - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Working out is just plain hard, especially if you are out of shape.  I don't do it because I love it; I do it because my body will shrivel up from the inside out if I don't.  My lungs will shrink, my bones will stiffen up, my heart will grow weaker and I will cease to exist, faster.  Working this body out prolongs my life; it's that simple!