You may not agree,  you are invited to ponder.
You might be surprised to know that your body may not recognize or be able to digest most of the food in your refrigerator.
Your body is the  most
high-tech machine ever.
Your brain was created to help process words from God to you.
If you are not hearing from HIM, you are missing a lot!
The Kingdom of God is an atmosphere that the Holy Spirit creates in you.  YOU NEED THIS!
  Heaven has a court  where all actions on earth are decided.   Jesus prayed      "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!"  You are living this reality        voluntarily or involuntarily.   ALL acts of injustice have a term limit.  All       systems and governments,  have a Judge;  His name is YAHWEH, God of Israel.  ALL mankind will stand before him, for their actions on earth,  ALL!

If the United States is one nation under God, why is prayer to HIM and study about HIM  disallowed in many schools in these united states?
Would God stop speaking to man, stop giving more enlightening words after giving TORAH to Moses? 
NO one is GAY everyday, if they are honest! Gay-  the word "gay" by definition means: the emotional state of being happy.  No one is happy every day, content, maybe, but not happy, every- single- day.  The original definition of "GAY" has nothing to do with sex.  NOTHING!  God created a Man and a Woman for SEX.  But please, respect ALL of God's created beings; HE loves all of his creation.
Is your religious network, practice and Sunday customs keeping you from growing in the Holy Spirit?  Holy Spirit is the force with us, to help us to be a  
true disciple.

John, Jesus' best friend prophesied that in the end times, men's souls, their very decision making capacity, will be bought and sold like loaves of bread.  What will you do, for MONEY or influence, that you know, morally, you should NOT do?  Is your SOUL  for sale; for how much, for how long?                                                                                                                     - Rev 18:13          
Still in the closet about your faith in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit?   Follow the trend:  COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!  Free speech and FREEDOM is for everyone!
All over the world, humans are living every day  HOMELESS; on streets, in tents, or just sitting or walking around.  They are existing like this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Do you know; do you even care? 
He is making plans about HIS world.  It would be good to talk to Him about this.
GOD IS SPIRIT!  you will not perceive HIM unless HE wants you to.  Ask!  John 4:24   Matthew 7:7
Check back for new PONDER points!
   It is  Free!
The earth is the LORD'S; everything 
in it and the people who live in it."                                              - Psalm 24
NOW,...If you know that you did 
not create the earth, it would be pointless to even attempt to begin to object, argue or contend with this.  The earth was here long before, you arrived, as well as any one you know or read about or  taught by. The author of the 23rd and 24th Psalm said he knew Him; YOU, can't argue with him either.   
He made the earth by His power; He has  established the world by His wisdom  

The world system you are interacting with
everyday, is NOT the system God 
intended; demons,
have hacked. God is 
TIRED of it. 

                                      -Jeremiah 51:15
A really good CAKE 
may help to get pass 
the stupidity in RACISM.  Think,  Eat and then,.. 
.....    CHANGE!
    Oh My God:
A phase that involuntarily forms in the mind, erupting from the vocal cords of humans; during extreme pleasure or extreme pain.
Many have shouted "oh my God" during really good orgasms and "Oh my God" upon hearing of a crisis or tragic event that touched close to home.  This  occurs at times, even within the mind of those who say they do not believe in any such God!  Hhmmm.  
There are even many more
humans who are spiritually homeless; this is even more concerning;spiritually homeless people create
chaos by refusing to accept God's authority and rule.
      OF YOUR FEET.             
                       -Proverbs 4:27
Joy is an inward state of being.  Happiness is the outward expression which spills over from joy  needing an outlet; laughter, excitement, exhilaration, giddy-glee bursting forth; Emotions that can take your breath AWAY! Make room and LET IT!
 HEY you don't need PERMISSION , do it!
Why is it easier, even more widely acceptable to say to someone: "GOOD LUCK", rather than God Bless You, when hoping a person will be successful!  Even those who believe in God find it easier to just say "goodluck." What possibly is the root of LUCK?  Yeshua said only ONE, is GOOD, God!
So in saying good LUC-K, who else is trying to be good?  Maybe luci-fer?
So in 1962, WE took PRAYER out of our school system, as a law;  Now Guns are shooting their way in inspite of the law!.   It is time to rethink AND REDO this.  
George Floyd did not know he was carrying a fake $20 bill?  What if the store clerk had informed George that he had given him a fake $20,held the merchandise and gave George a chance to come back later with proper money? What if the officer simply, had given the clerk another $20, and turned the fake in to be verified?
What if  the rookie officers had a say in how George was being treated, under the knee of Derek Chauvin; without any fear of not passing probation?  What if
George's daughter had been in the car, while her father lay being publicly executed, under in the car?  A man died over a piece of paper, fake or real!  What if there had been no camera to verify that indeed, a man died at the knee of a peace officer over no more than  $20  a supposed dollars?  WHAT IF,... we all learned from this example, AGAIN!
  T     H     I       N      K.
.......PRAY more
 and even More; @
 any time of day, pray,
      PRAY ​ANY              WHERE
there is air and
Anyone who hates his brother or sister is really a murderer at heart.  And you know that murderers don't have eternal life within him.   

             John, friend of Yeshua'.
​Reading together can mean so much to real family life and culture!
"I DON'T CARE",.. is not an ANSWER!
     "You                 don't         CARE?"
 Be honest, you     do care about 
 these issues.
God is not a 
GOD is not a
DEMOCRAT. If you don't believe this, ASK HIM! [He will use any system for His purpose.]
            IT IS               CERTAIN;  We
 brought NOTHING into this world and it is CERTAIN, we will take nothing OUT!  
               -  1Tim 6:7
WHAT in this world,  are YOU doing?
          Avenge NOT yourself, but rather, get mad,VENGENCE 
belongs to the Lord and He will  repay   
                     -Romans 12:19
Heaven, the place above the clouds and firmament, which is entered by invitation ONLY, is
where God is has court; where He presides as JUDGE OF ALL; allowing all actions, the GOOD and BAD to exist, have platform and process in the daily actions of mankind.  Many do not know or even overtly
choose not to acknowledge this true reality.   "He is the fly on the wall," in the room of the intent of affairs of mankind. Every action, has a term limit and judgment, in this life or the next one; watch and see!                                       -1Tim 5:

Great non-fiction Reading: 
Caught Up Into Paradise by 
Dr. Richard Eby M.D.
My Journey To Heaven by Marv Bestman 
Giving is an
outward show of a spiritual idea.
Many gather around this idea on December 25th, that has come to be known as the 
Christmas Day!
Jesus desires that people remember why He died!
 ANGELS and demons are 
among us; yes real influencers!
                        At  The Age of 
       the human lungs, of both the male and 
       female human start to shrink and lose
       the ability to retain and circulate 
       air throughout the body.   
       Regular physical exercise will slow the
       age related deterioration of the human
       lung.  "I don't like to work-out," is 
       not the proper response here; your 
       ability to breathe easier and longer
       is at issue here.  Get busy! Swing 
       your arms, go for walks, then run,
       daily.  Jump ropes, M   O   V   E!

THe ANUS of ALL Humans persons is their SEWER.  As toilets receive feces, poop, defecation from the human body, the anus of all humans, connected to the colon through the rectum transports smelly, sometimes worm filled, disease potent feces from the human body.  No matter how many colonics, washing, sprays, gels and other methods of internal cleansing that is applied to the anus and rectum, it is going to smell and smell bad.   God in his right of thought did not want a penis going in to the rectum; God did not want humans to be born through the anus. God has established this order of service; He has not changed His mind.  He is repulsed by the insertion of the penis of the men he created, in the anus/rectum of another man for  ANY sexual pleasure.  He is CREATOR of life.
How can a human attend only, ONLY instruction, from our institutions of higher learning, for 8 to 10 years, even consecutively or intermittently; come away with only alphabets behind their name and be adamant, conclusive in their persuasion, that there is no God; that God, in their 8 years of study, living only on earth, with limited travel to any other city, state or country, does NOT exist;  How is this possible?  This is total,
academic dishonesty!
​...the human body was not created
and and created to be a perpetual clearing house for pharmacuiticals.

It cost about $2.2.... Billion dollars for every  rocket that is built to travel towards the moon and /or other galaxies beyond the earth, whether the trip Is successful or not.  Just the vehicle for the attempt Is 2.2 Billion.  And there God sits in his total created 
orbit looking, knowing, having predetermined that mankind will only get so far, and no further. 

God sits there looking at all the money spent to get the MOON, MARS, PLUTO, VENUS knowing that if mankind just did what He asks, what His Son Yeshua asks; He could stop time and just invite humans up  and into heaven for a day, afternoon or evening; He could do it!  Yet we march denying God's existence.
Year after year, humans vote for all their causes, but will not lift a finger to help those who are homeless or less fortunate.  But they'll vote; stand in line for hours to make a mark, but no thought on how to make a mark on the life of another human with their own two hands.

Can you imagine a hotter heat than earth's  volcanoes?  HELL is even more HOTTER!;...

Looking for a tourist "HOT
SPOT"? Totally free and not visited by many; those who do visit, are so "taken", they never go back to their own previous home. Visit one of earth's many free, open, active, unfenced, unpoliced VOLCANOES?
That's  RIGHT, close your eyes, take your time.  Take it all in; this is a pleasure moment; one slice just for you;...Uum,ummm.!!!..
      Don't believe the lies..

            H  E  L  L



     H   E   L    L

  H   O   T   !

The time is coming, when a loaf of

will be exchanged for gold bars!
         # TRIBULATION
            Those with ears to hear, 
          should listen, and hear
          what God is saying all                               around you!!
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             The war in ISRAEL is a fight 

             between the descendents of 

             Isaac and Ishmael and the land

             that was inherited by promise 

             from God, the God of their father 

             Abraham.  This is a family

                    SEXUALLY IMMORAL,   
​                             ALL - LIARS
                       sh​all have their part in the lake which 
                        burns with fire and brimstone, which
                                                     is the second death. 

                                                    -Rev 21:8

           p s. sounds like the fire in volcanoes.

  NOT to believe in HELL          is not to believe in                       

       hell, is the hottest!
     Are YOU glad, even grateful
    that you  were allowed to come        to full term of pregnancy, that
    you were allowed to be BORN?
The letters preserved, collected, compiled and now called the BIBLE, are the earth's most important and oldest documents.  Therein, can be found real human history; the intent, actions of history's first persons and the only record of the God who boasts as the creator of ANY person, place or thing that exist now or ever have existed.  From and within these writings one can learn His personality and character, likes, dislikes.  This book lists the beginning of humankind, plants, ALL animals, sea  creatures, creatures of the air and any insects. There exists no other text that so intelligently and distinctly explains how  all living matter began and progressed.  In this book, a being that calls Himself God and the only true God, takes full credit for all life, any evolving life and all existence of subsequent life.  God says He and He alone is to be credited; can be respectfully questioned and reasoned with.  The Bible should be the most and the standard, studied book of all levels of learning globally.                                                                           -Shirley
  FAITH is the only currency in heaven; 
faith that causes you to live your life as Yeshua has stated you should.
Faith to move in the 
direction of truthful
living everyday.    -John 8:31

        James  Brown              said it famously
"papa don't take NO mess" ;      papa don't,   papa  don't,
               P A P A
            DON' T

                  laugh out



   H  A  R  D  !

                                                          (C)   2005  Shirley                           

      YOU cannot afford to 

               just  be

  E M  O T  I  O  N   A  L  !
God is unhappy with the affairs of mankind on earth;...  
       God  is NOT wondering who will win       
      elections.  Ask Him how you should vote.                        PRAY, then VOTE! 
FIRST FAMILYGOD the Father, YESHUA His Son and HOLY SPIRIT. If you did not learn this at your elementary school, YOU MISSED the main point of ALL learning.  If you are reading this, it is not too late.  Pick up your bible.  Genesis 1: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."... 

By faith, we understand that the worlds were 
framed by the word of God,....
​                                                  Hebrews 11 :3
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
                                                   Proverbs 9:10
Gateway Bible
Thank God for ICE CREAM!
God knows,and records the actions of all creation.  Stop your assumed important life and turn to Him.