Do you know that every 3rd year, the tithe is to be given to the poor
Please refer to
Deuteronomy 14:28 and 26:12.  If you tithe, don't rob God and don't rob the
poor.  Those who
are homeless are the poorest.
The task began when Shirley, by God's direction was to leave her career in 2004, as an Adjudicator with the Federal Government.  HE impressed upon her that her next assignment would involve service to the homeless.  In 2005 people needing help began to contact her; she then began serving from her home in Long Beach California.  In 2008 she again heard the voice of God during a dream indicating that she was to now leave her home.  Not knowing why, this began a "real" walk of the faith she often teaches.  No yard sale, she gave most of her possessions away and then left her home.  She has spent nights in hotels, homes of strangers, friends; at homeless spots, homeless lots and encampments and hideouts; has even slept in her SUV and traveled by foot; a ten year course in surviving Homelessness. In June of 2009 she was inwardly guided to Seal Beach California; joined a fitness gym and after 3 months of prayer and waiting, received a vision at 3 am to help to homeless persons there.  
Knowing no one in town, she began to pass out pastry and coffee, then contacted the city concerning zoning allowances; sitting for hours developing a plan for outreach in the city.  Many businesses began to donate food, personal care items, clothing and gas cards.  She was met with some expected resistance, familiar bias, misrepresentation, surprised by a death threat; had many stares, unkind words and received little financial support. But this God-given task continued an uphill battle.  As of October 2013, the zoning changes were  granted to include homeless services in the town "by right."  Our services covered many  counties and are growing.  If there were a Doctorate in Homelessness and Sanity, Shirley has earned it!  Homeless services are lawfully required according to the statutes of the California Housing Element and by Senate Bill 2.  Jesus Christ said: "the poor will be with us always."  There is a vast, and  huge difference between being poor and being homeless.  God has ordered a raise for the Homeless; it's overdue!  By God's graces, miracles, efforts of many businesses and individuals, they're going to get that raise! Join Us!  If you are in need of consulting services, call us!
                                                            This is Not A Dis-Claimer
In Matthew 25:31-49, Jesus said, He will reward those who help  the poor; based on this statement;
                                                            This is NON-Negotiable:
"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.  I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.  I was a stranger, [homeless?] and you invited me in."  This is the bases of our human service. This is the reason the Swarm Housing Assistance Cooperative exists. We are not 
activist; we are executing a task based on our belief that Jesus/Yeshua, will reward those who help the poor and homeless; and have less favorable actions toward those who chose to ignore this request.  Believe and do!    
​There are cities in America that will build a cemetery for dead Vets, but won't
approve zoning to house and "living" veterans now existing like animals on their streets.  And every year, these same cities will a "celebratetheir  Veterans Day? 
Do you have any idea what it is like to be a
woman who is also
homeless every day of every month?  And there are some who will come to take her dog to shelter, and leave her sitting in the same spot. This dog will be in a shelter before sun down, by
a single phone call.
Providing homes for those who are on the streets is the only way to end this. We are here now. It has now come down to supplying
Thank you for visiting the The Swarm Housing Assistance Cooperative information page.  We are a recognized 501 C-3 Public Charity Outreach; purposing to assist in the global task of curtailing and ending instances of homelessness.  We know that not any one group can do it all, however we seek to do all we can; our part in the war against the physical manifestation of the "spirit" of poverty.  In our opinion: There are too many vacant lotstoo many empty houses and buildings in America, for any human with a pulse,desirous of housing, to be living on the streets, along the rivers; behind buildings, sleeping in cars and parks, outside.  And please do not believe that "all" these folks are homeless by choice, on drugs or are mentally ill.  It must also be noted that the homeless are homeless in the SPRING, SUMMER, WINTER AND the FALL;  So, if we are only providing  winter shelter, this will leave people still homeless 8 months of the year.  And just feeding the homeless means they are "just" eating.
OPINIONThere should be an annual 24 hour 7/days a week shelter in every city in the United States and the World, given the amount of unused land and number of homeless people in every city, state and country.  And just hosting homeless meetings, setting up homeless offices, hiring homeless staff will not eliminate one instance of homelessness.  Only providing homes will  end homelessness.  And those who are part of the family of God must also join in this family crisis.  And even if you don't share our "faith", homelessness IS "obvious."  So please, don't just click away; DO SOMETHING!  There is enough work and cliental for all comers.  There exist no shortage and no work stoppage in this field!  Get it? AND guess what? Homeless Humans need housing; Too many are feeding humans without housing and leaving them eating on the street!  They came from nearby neighborhoods, cities; someones Father, Brother, Husband, Son.  They are a Brother,Sister, Son, Daughter, Mother, Aunt, Uncle; people with no known relative, people who did not inherit a will or trust, yet these are HUMANS!
                            Concerning Faith

You may not share our position or many of our views
regarding faith, God or Jesus; but there are many
people  of many faiths, in all cities in the world now facing and experiencing homelessness.  You may not see it, many cities are hiding it; sending their homeless citizens to neighboring communities.
Homelessness is an obvious human plight and issue.  There are many homeless Christians, AtheistsAgnostics.  Homeless Indians, homeless
Whites, homeless Jews, homeless Negroes, many 
Multi--racial homeless. There are even to be found homeless Asians and homeless Mexicans; Disabled, All Genders.  The spirit of poverty has attacked all races of all  these people.  Our reason for engaging this battle against humanity is directly connected to our faith and belief that God cares about the people He made and wants the resources He has given to all humans, to be shared among, with all humans.  We invite you to participate in this battle locally with us, for ALL. Homelessness is an OBVIOUS evil.  We must fight together.  We are who they, the homeless are waiting for.  "WE, THE PEOPLE !       

Have you spoken to your Rabbi, Pastor or your Priest about your tithe and the many persons who are homeless?   DO IT!     

                                                Deuteronomy 14:28/28:12
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.  I lift my lamp beside the golden door.                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Emma Lazarus 
                          WELL, they are here NOW; the homeless are  here, there and everywhere; Let's get to work!         -Shirley
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