Returning To Your God Given-Gender Identity  
                 A connection 4  persons of   "former",                                  Same-Sex  lifestyles
Back 2 You is not intended as some sort of "weird" conversion therapy  association, or "invasion" into human person-hood; rather we seek to  enhance and encourage a personal decision to return to, and live out God's authentic choice of gender identification, given at the time of a persons arrival into the world at birth; one that, in visiting this page you, as a free will citizen have come to choose again.  Swarm simply says, yes, you can  be you AGAIN!  And if you have come to believe that living out the same sex lifestyle is not the will of God for you,  we believe that that decision has been given to you as a measure of God's grace.  For this we, along with you, are thankful and seek to support a personal decision.  We have been praying for you and will continue.  As a former Sexual Reproductive health instructor, I believe, the discussion of sex and reproductive organs, should be as natural as breathing in and exhaling air.

                                             A Review Of Original Definitions; Statements For Clarity

Sexual Morality
The very idea of morality has a religious origin, it came from God as a way of humans relating to one another.

                                                              Evolution Has NO Moral Code.

The term sexual morality can only be called to the platform or presented when in doing so, a person at the same time, accepts or at least entertains the belief of man and woman as created beings,with God as the source of those who have been created.  And without accepting or entertaining at least some religious or base of "faith" or higher power, the very term moral, morality has no platform, has no invite into the discussion of what was, is or should be the established rule of sexual behavior between Man and Woman; Man and Animal, Woman and Animal, etc.  As such being the case, when the term sexual morality is argued; what is the intended proper use of sex?  Our answer is, that there exists no other platform from which anyone  can judge or decipher or choose, except he or she first questions the basis and the origin of any morality holding.  Belief in God requires a general and even automatic acceptance of God's intended use of the sexual organs he created the original Man and the original Woman with.  The word moral, by brief, universal definition, means-an accepted code or accepted form or way of behaving that are is deemed normal, liked, welcomed respected, expected and desired.  Some examples: Honesty is a moral form of behavior.  Not stealing is a moral form of behavior.  Respecting ones parents or the elderly are forms of moral behavior, codes that are accepted and expected. The washing of hands is a moral code that is largely accepted and expected by those who are engaging a meal where the spreading of germs is of concern.  Non-Intoxication by chemical substances, is a moral position. Morality is a predetermined set of codes for behavior that has some form of faith as the origin.  Therefore by original intended use sexual morality is what God says it is to be. 

The term sexual morality is a term, in present time that yet begs a question, one that asks; "moral" by whose standards?  And disregarding the various methods of avoiding an obvious truth, the answer is simple; GOD'S standard.  What has and what does God call sexual morality or immorality?  What are God's accepted rules of sexual engagement.  God set the standard for moral behavior at the beginning of creation.  The theory of "evolution" or evolving has offered none.

The word Gay
The original definition of the word GAY was not in anyway connected to sex. [ Please refer to an authentic 1800 copy/version of Webster's printed Dictionary].  The term Gay was originally defined and used to reference a happy time, tune or atmosphere or design pattern.  The word gay was adapted and used to describe same sexual relationships around the early 1950's.  It is believed by many, that the late Harvey Milk was responsible for this adaptation in the fight for homosexual inclusion. 

When Man and Woman were created by God, they were given mental thought processing mechanisms and physical attributes, that characterized them as a male and a female.  In other words how Adam looked and thought, how Eve looked and thought were individual as to their person.  They were not created with any confusion as to their person-hood or physicality.  Adam and Eve did not question their physical likeness, or how they were supposed to feel.  God created both Man and Woman to look, think and act particular to their creative pattern in their DNA.  Adam was given chromosomal content to allow him to identify with Eve, reproduce offspring with her and relate to her emotionally, not become her.   

Born "THIS" Way?
Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, a beautiful person, is an extreme talent, whose "entertainment" name is Lady "Gaga"; gaga.  This  word by definition means CONFUSION.  Some in her fan base are 
called MONSTERS.  The singer is credited for the song Born This Way- circa-2010-2011.  

There are many in the same sex community who have adapted this song as their thematic explanation for being a part of the homosexual community.  To any wondering about their choice of sexual expression, they say- "we were born this way."  Well for many, this may well be true, although there are in fact many adult male and female's who were born not homosexual, but have over the years chosen the same sex lifestyle for various reasons; unable to secure and retain non homosexual partners, unable to enjoy normal sexual pleasure.  But to those who contend that they were in-fact born homo-sexual, please consider the following: 
Autistic children are born "that" way, yet their parents do everything they can to bring them into mental normalcy; that is to think, act and process life, as other male and female humans do.  The same is true with those born with Down Syndrome, the Dyslectic, Epileptic and Blind; Diabetics, Deaf and many more persons who were born way's, that are considered not normal.  In the medical profession "those" ways not universally, physically, considered normal are observed, after their birth; attended to for some form of medical attention. 

The Special Olympics are dedicated to allow those born with non normal conditions, but who can with help, otherwise athletically compete on a global platform.  And in response to those unexpected and yes, not welcomed changes, everything is done, from the point of discovering those exceptions at birth,"make it right"; that is to return those who were born seeing in reverse, born with extreme uncontrollable shaking, born non or half-sighted, mute, deaf, or any of the other not healthy normal conditions, to return the children to more accepted normalcy.  To bring their beloved back to the physical point where they think, act, see, control of their bodily function as most humans, at their given age level and gender at birth.  To bring them back to the way they were, as a female or a male, supposed to act in the world.   And although, and we are thankful, that much has been done legislatively to make sure the same-sexual practicing community are treated as all other humans, as there is no medical procedure that can address the same sexually preferred tendency, one that is from a mental stand point, the practice is not the original intent.  [And it is both truth and factual, that many parents who wish that their son or daughter were not "born" same-sex tended, have and are at this moment silently accepting a situation they actually wish they could change]; All the while, God, the creator/designer, waits and has been waiting,being the original parent, to by his Holy Spirit alone, intervene and make it right.  To do what only he alone, being the designer, of HIS human-kind, [can] do.  It first starts by returning to HIM.   

Original Intended Use for Sexual Body Parts
The "original" Man was not created wishing he was the woman.  He was created with the reproductive organ that is called/ named a Penis.
The "original" Man was not created with a sexual attraction to another man.  He had NO sexual inclination, at all until another physical being, a woman was introduced to him and she had a Vagina.  
The "original" Woman was not created wishing she was the man.  She was created with a reproductive organ that is called/named a Vagina.  [I will address female same-sexual practice in part 2.]
The "original" Man and Woman were created with a system of removing WASTE from their bodies, the entrance to it is called/named Anus.  The ANUS was not made for sexual engagement.
The "original" parts of the body, intended to use for sexual pleasure between Man and Woman was the Penis and the Vagina, not the Anus.


will be continued., -

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