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I am Shirley J. Broussard-Clark,  the person "listed" as founder and executive creator of the The Swarm Group & Associates Public Charity Fellowship Church.  I have come to know God as ultimate creator of all things, and appreciate Him allowing me to attach my name to His creative process; really I do.   And although I understand the contribution technology has and has made in modern society, I have committed to limit it's swift takeover of my real human interactions and communication ; "Ain't nothing like the real thing...."   

Well, what might you want or need to read about me?
I am a female, born a female. I was born into a family of parents who believed and had personal experiences with the creator of all life; many pastors and prophetic family members and their experiences, has helped to shape and establish a foundation and platform of faith, from a very young age.  But, in order to "own" and enter into authentic faithfulness, I had to have experiences on my own, that would establish my belief in God/Yah, Yeshua/Jesus and Ruach/Holy Spirit.  This proving took many hard years!  I have been gifted to have many talents, many of which I enjoy sharing and am trained to do so.

I have attended many required schools of secular and religious education and have the "alphabets" of degrees and completed  courses, to place behind my name; Many of which I consider to be a waste of time.  [I will never use geometry or calculus in a measurable degree, in the area were I now serve humanity.]  I have spent many years serving our Federal Government as a UI Adjudications Representative, until answering a call from HIM.  This pretty much sets the stage for future interaction, should we have opportunity.   I encourage this, as social media can only do so much.  The real work of getting to know and sustain a relationship with another human being can only be accomplished by face to face, frequent encounters.  So if this page has left you with questions about me, and you are desirous to know more, I invite you to take the next step, contact me; lets take the time to meet ! Awe come ON; don't just breathe,... LIVE! 

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​A Virtual "Intro" From the Founder and  Creator
Shirley J. Broussard-Clark